About Nourishing Destiny

Nourishingdestiny.com is a place for students and professionals to meet and discuss all facets of our medicine in a thoughtful and respectful manner. A core value of this site is that the highest potentials of the medicine can only be realized through our own development as human beings. Our goal is to help Chinese medicine reach it’s full potential as the premier holistic and integral medicine of the 21’st century.

  • NourishingDestiny.com is awake to the living heart of our medicine.
  • Engagement on this site will expand anyone’s perspective on what’s possible to achieve with the medicine.
  • NourishingDestiny.com provides a strong referral base to other practitioners who share your values.
  • New online classes will provide you with the highest quality education and broadest perspective available in the profession.
  • Features on the site are continually upgraded to ensure cutting edge access to the developmental edge of the medicine.
  • NourishingDestiny.com offers mentorship for both students and new practitioners ensuring a foundation of depth for a lifetime of meaningful clinical practice.
  • NourishingDestiny.com provides instant access to a thriving community of practitioners who share your values to consult with on any issue of technical or clinical concern in the medicine.

We very much look forward to your engagement!

Warm regards, Straight Ahead,

Lonny Jarrett