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21 Dec 2009 Terms of Use and Site Values

When you completed your profile, you consented to the general terms of use for this site. Participation on this site indicates that you have read, understood, and fully consented to those terms of use. Please familiarize yourself with them. Below I’ve summarized some major points. This is only a summary, and all users are bound by the more extensive terms agreed to upon registration.

1. The Nourishing Destiny site is a meeting place for those interested in the thoughtful and respectful discussion of any aspect of Chinese medicine.

2. Participation in this site is a privilege and is at the moderator’s discretion.

3. The copyright of all content is owned by the person who posts it.  Content may be freely cited elsewhere as long as full citation is given to the author as well as to this site. Proper citation will include the author’s name, the date of the post, the name of the cite, and the WEB link to the original content. No more than one paragraph, or eight sentences may be quoted without permission.

4. It is the responsbility of each individual to ensure that they are in compliance with US copyright law when posting content. Please do not post any content if you have any question that it may violate US copyright law.

5. Posting content indicates that one has given consent to the owner of this site to make such information public on the site for as long as he sees fit. Do not post content that you may not want to be available for public viewing at some future point.

6. If you post case studies you must ensure that the privacy of the patient is maintained and that they have granted you the right to publish details of their treatment for the sake of education and research.

7. You may not use the “send email” feature tor promote classes, products, or services to members.