Protected: Clinical Integration 2023 Class Page

Hello Friends, I am so excited to work with all of you. I will endeavor to make this the most engaging time you have ever spent learning Chinese medicine! This is where you will access all course content including audio and video. The first year of the course will be posted here for your listening pleasure after … Keep Reading »

15 Jan 2022 General

Return of the new Light. 11:11

Solstice Greetings From Lonny, Zev, Darryl Kniffen and Mitch Zimmer. Here's my new tune 11:11. Album due soon. Wishing all Love, growth, and depth with the birth of the new light. This is a rough mix....Copyright Lonny Jarrett 11.1 2021. Keep Reading »

24 Dec 2021 General, The Arts

An Integral Context for Diagnosis

This is the first 1.5 hours of a lecture I gave to my two year Clinical Integration class on how to conduct a diagnosis. Here I lay the foundations for an integral, kosmocentric, understanding of diagnosis. Dates will be announced soon for my 2023 Clinical Integration class. In October I'll be offering a weekend on working … Keep Reading »

05 Dec 2021 General

Protected: A top Down View of Five Element Constitutional Diagnosis 2021

Hello Friends, This is your class page for the course: A top Down View of Five Element Constitutional Diagnosis 2021. Copyright to all content on this page is owned by Lonny Jarrett. Content is provided only to those registered participants of the course. Accessing it signifies your agreement to not … Keep Reading »

26 Sep 2021 Audio Teachings, General, Lonny's Blog

Protected: Deepening Perspectives 12 Day Class

Welcome to the Deepening Perspectives 12 Week online course. Below you will find each topic by date with an audio and an associated reading. Please come to class ready to engage with questions. “I live on Earth at present, and I don’t know what I am. I know that I am not a category. I am … Keep Reading »

21 Sep 2021 Audio Teachings, Video Teachings

Corrections to Deepening Perspectives on Chinese Medicine

Hi Folks, Here is a list of mistakes that are being found in DPOCM. I'll expand this as they are discovered. 1. Page 119: "The Lingshu in Chapter 8 frames this in a physiological context, recognizing that ghosts to whom we may superstitiously attribute illness are nothing more than projections … Keep Reading »

04 Sep 2021 Articles by Lonny, Rectification of Medical Errors

The Myth of Emperor Yu

Hello Friends, Here is a chapter abstracted from my new text: Deepening Perspectives on Chinese Medicine. THis is an update of an article I published 30 years ago on the Myth of Emperor Yu which is included in this quarters Empty Vessel Daoist Journal. In this article I interpret the Emperor Yu's hero's journey … Keep Reading »

05 Aug 2021 General

Understanding Blocks

Hello Friends, Here's a 2:15 lecture I did on understanding the importance of removing blocks before proceeding to depth, constitutional treatment. This was given to The Acupuncture Academy at Leamington Spa, UK on 4.9.2021. Warmly, Lonny -> There are still 60 copies of my new text Deepening Perspective on Chinese Medicine available at a pre-press discount … Keep Reading »

09 Apr 2021 Articles by Lonny, General

Protected: Class Page: Spirit of the Herbs 2021

Dear Student, Welcome to the class page for Spirit of the Herbs 2021. Reading: The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine: Clearing Blocks with Chinese Herbs. Handouts: Chinese medicine and Psychoanalysis (Opening the Diaphragm, BXHOT, BXXXT): 2. Class Notes: 3. Class evaluation form: PLEASE REMEMBER TO PUT YOUR STATE, LICENSE NUMBER AND NCCAOM NUMBER IN THE BOX!!! Please download and fill … Keep Reading »

17 Feb 2021 General

Reviews of Deepening Perspective on Chinese Medicine

Hi Friends, Here are the journal reviews of my 2021 text Deepening Perspective on Chinese Medicine. The Journal of Chinese Medicine: Journal of the American Association of Acupuncture: Texts available at : Keep Reading »

15 Feb 2021 General