Core Values Governing the Use of this Site

10 Oct 2011 Terms of Use and Site Values

These are the values the Nourishing Destiny site is founded upon. Please familiarize yourself with them.

Core Values is a place for students and practitioners of Chinese medicine to join in respectful dialog and inquiry together. We embrace an evolutionary, integral, and spiritual value system.

1. “Evolutionary” implies that we recognize that the universe is in an endless developmental process and that “health” is a state characterized by continual vertical development.

2. “Integral” means that we expect to see development in all aspects of the individual who sincerely engages the medicine, with no part left behind.

3. “Spiritual” means that we recognize consciousness, shen 神, spirit, to be higher. Spirit is the source, and the goal, of healing.

In accordance with these values we expect the practitioner to be a living example of the wholeness that the medicine predicts is possible. We recognize that the higher potentials of the medicine are only available to practitioners whose lives are characterized by an uncommon and remarkable integrity. And we expect this integrity to be evident in the way we interact with each other.