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Catalyzing Emergence: Integral Chinese Medicine Parts I, II, & III

Dear Friends, Here are the three installments in a series of three articles I'm publishing in the Journal of the American Society of Acupuncturists Meridians. The series is abstracted from the current book I'm writing: "Deepening Perspectives on Chinese Medicine." Integral Theory expands Chinese medicine and offers us a … Keep Reading »

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CM & Psychoanalysis, Parts I & II

Dear Friends, Here are Parts I & II of CM and Psychoanalysis. Part I is on Repression and the Diaphragm, Part II is on The Metal Element and the Anal Personality Type. Click here for Part I: Click here for Part II: Courses: … Keep Reading »

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2006 Interview with Lonny Jarrett covering Chinese medicine, evolutionary theory, and spiral dynamics.

Here I discuss evolutionary perspectives on Chinese medicine. Keep Reading »

27 Mar 2019 Articles by Lonny

The Use of Exit and Entry Points in Traditional Acupuncture

This work is greatly expanded in my Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine text book. Keep Reading »

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The Holographic Paradigm and Acupuncture

This article discusses the similarity between holographic theory and the inductive synthetic model that lies at the heart of traditional Chinese medicine. It was first published in The Journal of Traditional Acupuncture (1985). This article represents my introduction of Ken Wilber's work on Integral Theory and its import for medicine. Keep Reading »

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Myth and Meaning in Chinese Medicine

This is the first article where I began to elaborate Chinese myth (Shenhua 神話, "Spirit talk) as an adequate language of the subtle realm for describing acupuncture point function. In a future article I will expand this from a psychoanalytic perspective using Erich Neumann's work as a template. Keep Reading »

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The Returned Spirit of Chinese Medicine

Originally Published in the Trad. Ac. Soc. Journal in England. All this material is greatly expanded in my book, Nourishing Destiny: The Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine. Keep Reading »

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Catalysing Emergence: Zheng Qi and the Authentic Self

Dear Friends, Wishing you all a healthy, prosperous, and productive new year! Here is a recent article from the European Journal of Oriental Medicine on Zhengqi that is abstracted from the new text I'm writing. Look for some major articles soon. I'm accepting registrations for my 2016 Clinical Integration Class which … Keep Reading »

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Integrative Medicine: Revolution or Surrender?

Hello Friends, Here is an article I just published in the Journal of the British Acupuncture Council on integrative medicine. It's abstracted from a much longer piece that Z'ev and I had written together that's posted here in the files section. -Lonny Jarrett 2016 Clinical Integration Course Keep Reading »

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Narcissism: A Postmodern Epidemic.