Jagna LarsonClasses through the Nourishing Destiny site are a truly refreshing experience. The information is concise and engaging with a relevance not only to my acupuncture practice but also to my growth as a practitioner. After finishing the requirements for credit I felt compelled to learn more and continue to absorb the material. This quality of coursework is of a completely different level to other online CEU's I have taken.

Jagna Larson

John ChurchillNourishing Destiny offers a high quality, innovative continuing educational experience within a context that sees Chinese medicine as an integral part of cultural evolution and a mindbody medicine of the future.

John Churchill
M.Ac., Lic.Ac.

Megan GodfreyAs an experienced acupuncturist, it's a great relief to find Nourishing Destiny CEU approved online courses that are intelligent, probing, and deeply insightful. Lonny is present, engaged, and enormously helpful in real time as teacher and monitor of these classes and online discussions. His email reponses to essay questions are what you'd get sitting in a classroom taking the class with him in real time. Additionally, the classes are backed up with a library of articles should you choose to engage course content further. As an online class participant, one is invited to participate in a vibrant ongoing discussion community of acupuncture practitioners for a year. Lonny makes every effort in the Nourishing Destiny site to make his professional resources available to a curious participant. This site is the manifestation of Nourishing Destiny's vision: truely fostering authentic professional development aligned with the deepest principles of classical Chinese Medicine. What a deal.

Megan Godfrey
M.Ac. Shelburne, Vermont