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Anna practiced western medicine after graduating from Emory University in 1989. As an anesthesiologist and pain management physician, she added acupuncture to her clinical practice after completing the UCLA course Medical Acupuncture for Physicians in 1999. Impressed with the efficacy and beauty of Chinese Medicine, she left western medicine in 2002 to pursue a full time acupuncture practice. She practices with her husband, Mark Lewinter, and Leigh McClelland, both TCM practitioners and with Laura Bowman, MD, a pediatric hematologist-oncologist and acupuncturist. She has enjoyed learning from them and regularly incorporates 8P and 5E principles into the French Energetic style.


substance abuse disorders/12 step recovery, pediatric acupuncture, fu xi ba gua math, anesthesia and compliance consulting, reading, gardening, crochet, 4 part vocal harmony--alto, cello music (just started lessons!), and most recently, the intersection of christianity and evolutionary enlightenment.

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