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My love for Oriental Philosophy began with the early macrobiotic teachings of Micho and Avaline Kushi. Learning to appreciate, prepare and teach the 5 phase theory of food grew into a passion for healthy living. I attended the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture (Dec. 2006) and studied Chinese herbs with Thea Elijah, (Sept. 2007). Upon graduation mailed Lonny a check to secure my enrollment in his 2-year Clinical Integration class (2008-2010) and again in (2011-2013) and very grateful for Lonny's teachings. Creating relationships with classmates and members of this community has tremendously enriched my life and my practice and look forward to the 12-week Deepening Perspectives course.


evolutionary enlightenment, the new feminine, chinese medicine, chinese herbal medicine, organic farming, and sustainable living/intentional communities, contemporary chinese pulse diagnosis

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