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Chinese Medicine in America Today: The Turning Point, Part I -By Lonny Jarrett, Z’ev Rosenberg

For Chinese medicine (CM) in America today it is the best of times and, it is the worst of times. Here, Lonny Jarrett and Z'ev Rosenberg consider the direction that the profession of Chinese medicine is taking with its emphasis on "integrative" and "evidenced based" medicine (EBM). We elaborate the likely consequences and make … Keep Reading »

15 Feb 2015 Articles by Lonny, Articles by Z'ev Rosenberg

The Law of Husband Wife: Original Article AJA 1994

Hello Friends, Here is my original article from the AM. J. Ac in 1994 of the law of Husband/Wife. It's the basis of CH 7 in Nourishing Destiny. Warmly, Lonny Keep Reading »

26 Jan 2015 Articles by Lonny

Reinventing the Wheel: A Top Down Perspective on the Five Elements: Parts I & II

These articles were first published in The European Journal of Oriental Medicine, Volume 7 Number 2, 2012 and Number 3, 2013. Please visit Hello, These articles are two in a series abstracted from my text in progress on spiritual, integral, and evolutionary perspectives on medicine. Part I Part … Keep Reading »

07 Jan 2013 Articles by Lonny, General

The Future of Chinese Medicine: It’s In Our Hands

This article appears in the new California Journal of Oriental Medicine. It's an excellent journal and worth subscribing to. I publish there regularly. To see the Journal and subscribe please go to: Keep Reading »

02 Jan 2011 Articles by Lonny

The Awakening of Consience

Here I examine the postmodern inability to recognize hierarchy and it's relationship to conscience. There is much talk of holistic and integral medicine these days. It seems to me that, at the very least, the focus of any medicine that is truly holistic or integral would have to be on assisting patients to … Keep Reading »

20 Oct 2009 Articles by Lonny

Being a Vessle: Channeling

No practitioner can channel anything that has more integrity than they do. There is nothing "out there" that is in any way separate from our own degree of division. Even when transmitting non-dual higher states we will also be transmitting our authentic relationship to what we have discovered that is of … Keep Reading »

20 Oct 2009 Articles by Lonny

The Awakening of Choice

"The only true medicine is consciousness awakening to its self. What a surprise when we discover that what is seeking is what’s being sought for." C A L I F O R N I A J O U R N A L O F O R I E N T A L M E D I … Keep Reading »

20 Oct 2009 Articles by Lonny

The Primacy of Spirit

In the Fall of 2005 I gave the keynote address to the British Acupuncture Societies annual meeting. It created quite a stir and I wrote this in response to Peter Deadman's follow article asserting that Chinese medicine cannot treat the mind or spirit. British Acupuncture Society Journal 2005 Keep Reading »

20 Oct 2009 Articles by Lonny


This article addresses spiritual materialism and the newage belief that "if one is spiritually aligned then health and financial success will be the result". Enjoy. Keep Reading »

20 Oct 2009 Articles by Lonny

The Fire Element Through Heaven’s Eyes: Published in Jingshen Summer 2009

Lonny Jarrett considers the Fire Element and some of its associations – love, sex and compassion – from the absolute perspective of consciousness itself This article was originally published in the excellent Journal Jingshen which is produced by the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in the UK. Keep Reading »

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