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Chinese Medicine in America Today: The Turning Point, Part I -By Lonny Jarrett, Z’ev Rosenberg

For Chinese medicine (CM) in America today it is the best of times and, it is the worst of times. Here, Lonny Jarrett and Z'ev Rosenberg consider the direction that the profession of Chinese medicine is taking with its emphasis on "integrative" and "evidenced based" medicine (EBM). We elaborate the likely consequences and make … Keep Reading »

15 Feb 2015 Articles by Lonny, Articles by Z'ev Rosenberg

The Technician and the Scholar Physician

"This term 'philosophy,' describes the entirety of intuitive insight, intellectual knowledge, and all concrete activities associated with the art of nourishing life. Medicine, from the perspective of the Neijing, is the science of how to safeguard one's body through the wisdom of the ages -- philosophy." Zhang Xichun, translated by … Keep Reading »

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