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What is Enlightenment and Who is Enlightened?

John K: I think that this is an ideal stage to be at. Would you be able to name any practitioners or non-practitioners who are fully-integrated? Being able to visualize people can help us become more integral ourselves.   Lonny: What you've asked is a very important question that takes some looking into.  … Keep Reading »

08 Jan 2010 Lonny's Blog

Heart/Kidney Axis and Soul

Thoughts on the Heart/Kidney axis and the soul. The heart/kidney axis can be thought of as a fuse that, early in life, blows out to protect the soul from harm in the face of circumstances too challenging for a young inexperienced mind to cope with. The heart/kidney axis is a physiological metaphor … Keep Reading »

09 Nov 2009 Lonny's Blog

Values and Medicine

Hi Folks, two weeks ago a practitioner on the TCM yahoo list wrote a post saying he thought that Dr. Tan's system was "more effective" than an integrative CM diagnosis. I replied with one sentence simply: "that depends on what you think a "better" result is". Well, as you can imagine … Keep Reading »

06 Feb 2009 Lonny's Blog

Curing Hypertension

The author describes how he cured his own HBP.   Hi Folks, I thought I'd describe my process of curing my own High Blood Pressure as a clinical case and guide for others. At 42 yo (I’m 50 now) I was diagnosed with essential hypertension. Both my grandparents had been diagnosed at this age and … Keep Reading »

08 Dec 2008 Lonny's Blog

The Balance of Truth and Compassion

Hi Folks, I found this on the net a few years ago. SO much of what it takes to be a healer requires an ever deepening realization of the balance between truth and compassion. These few paragraphs elaborate that better than anything else Ive found. -Worth serious contemplation. It isn’t always easy to … Keep Reading »

04 Dec 2008 Lonny's Blog

The Five Tenets and the Liberation of the Elements

What each element brings to the tabAs postmodern humans conditioned by pluralistic values, we are used to looking at the One from the perspective of the many. What does it mean to look at the many from the perspective of the One? From an absolute perspective, the mind of enlightenment when looking at … Keep Reading »

31 Oct 2008 Lonny's Blog

A declaration! 5.30.08

The End of Process Oriented Therapy.   I am declaring today, 5.30.08, to mark the official death of humanistic, process oriented, psycho-emotional healing for all those who have reached a world-centric level of development. And thus we have the birth of a new medicine for a new humanity stepping forward from here...... This just in! A … Keep Reading »

29 Sep 2008 Lonny's Blog