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Protected: ANSY 2019 AUDIO

Dear Friends, As promised, here is the audio of day one of our class. This is only for attendees and accessing signifies your consent to not share it with anyone not in attendance at the event. Warmly, Lonny Jarrett Class schedule Keep Reading »

04 Nov 2019 Audio Teachings

Protected: Clinical Integration XVI 2015-2017

Hello Friends, I'm providing this audio only to members of the CI-XVI class. Accessing the audio implies your consent not to copy or share it. Thank you.-Warmly, Lonny CI-XV1 Class #1 9/19 & 9/20/15 Saturday Sunday Pulse contemplation This pulse contemplation will give you a sense of the process. It's … Keep Reading »

21 Sep 2015 Audio Teachings, General

A Neural Interpretation of 5E Theory

Hello Members! This is a recording of the 2nd lecture I ever gave on CM. I presented this to the 2nd Conference of Traditional Acupuncture sponsored by the Traditional Acupuncture Foundation at the Shoreham Hotel in Washington DC, 1982. In attendance were, Elisibeth Rochat, Claude Larre, Manfred Porkert, Fritjof … Keep Reading »

25 Jan 2015 Audio Teachings

Montreal 12/2014 Knowing the Self: Deepening the Art of Diagnosis

Dear Friends, Here is audio from my last weekend 12/6 and 12/7 2014 teaching on the Art of Diagnosis in Montreal. The first audio is free and the other two, also on the library, are for paid members of Warm Regards, Lonny Jarrett 2015 Clinical Integration Class Keep Reading »

12 Dec 2014 Audio Teachings

Protected: Clinical Integration XV 2014 Audio

CI-XV Session I 9.13 & 9.14.14 Audio is provided for class members with the understanding that it is not to be shared. Weekend # 2 10/2014 Weekend #3 11/2014 Weekend #4 3/2015 Weekend #5 4/2015 Weekend #6 5/2015 Questions Blood #1 BLood #2 Blood#3 Proximal Positions Pulse Contemplation Keep Reading »

25 Aug 2014 Audio Teachings, General

Treating Trauma with Chinese Medicine: Untying the Knot

Hello Friends, Here is the introduction to my class, "Treating Trauma with Chinese Medicine: Untying the Knot" as I taught it at Bastyr University 4.29.14. I consider this material to point toward the heart of the medicine, I hope you find that I've represented it well. Click here for Lonny's teaching schedule. Keep Reading »

05 May 2014 Audio Teachings, General

Treating Trauma with Chinese Medicine: Austin 2/14/14

Please enjoy the first two audios from my talk in Austin, TX. Included here are my ten minute introduction to the general assembly as well as the first session(1:47). For those interested in learning my approach to medicine through Constitution, Pulse, Herbs, and Acupuncture I recommend my two year Clinical Integration class. This will be my … Keep Reading »

15 Feb 2014 Audio Teachings

Understanding Resistance in a Clinical Context: Ego and Authentic Self

This was a spontaneous talk on the notion that, fundamentally, we are all divided and Chinese medicine is a science of wholeness. Please note the talk at the gentleman at the very end who is caught between being deeply moved by the class and the habit of being abstract in a way that continually removes … Keep Reading »

16 Dec 2013 Audio Teachings

Integral, Evolutionary, and Spiritual perspectives on the Practice of Chinese Medicine

Integral, Evolutionary, and Spiritual Perspectives on the Practice of Chinese Medicine. Given at Teance tea house in Berkeley, California, 5.17.13. Details on Lonny's two year Clinical Integration Course Keep Reading »

30 Jun 2013 Audio Teachings

Building Bridges 2012, Lonny’s main lecture Parts 1 & 2

Hi Folks, Here is my main lecture from the Building Bridges conference. There was so much I couldn't get to. I only covered half the bases in brief so it's a broad overview. If you are listening to this it means you have paid to support the web site and … Keep Reading »

27 Oct 2012 Audio Teachings