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Deepening Perspectives on Chinese Medicine: Table of Contents

Table of Contents Foreword: Chinese Medicine-Z’ev Rosenberg Foreword: Integral Medicine- ? Acknowledgments Introduction Preface Part I: Context 1. Meditation in a Clinical Context 2. Dimensions of the Self 3. The Path of Medicine 4. The Life Cycle Part II: The Five Elements 5. The Five … Keep Reading »

26 Nov 2020 General

Protected: Treating Trauma with Chinese Medicine 12/2020: Class Page

Dear Student, Welcome to the class page for Treating Trauma with Chinese Medicine 12/2020. Here you will find: 1. A. Class Handouts B. Please Read Part I of Chinese Medicine and Psychoanalysis C. Lecture Notes These may be read online or downloaded. 2. … Keep Reading »

23 Nov 2020 General

Protected: Brandt Stickley Six Conformations

Dear Student, Here you will find 1. Class Handouts and 2. The class evaluation form. 1. Handouts: Please save or print this as a PDF to your computer. 2. Class Evaluation Form: 3. TEST for CA PDA's: Please download and fill out the evaluation form and … Keep Reading »

12 Oct 2020 General

Deepening Perspectives on Chinese Medicine by Lonny S. Jarrett

This highly anticipated third text from Lonny Jarrett examines Chinese Medicine from Integral and Evolutionary perspectives. It is available at From the Foreword by Zev Rosenberg This work is Lonny Jarrett’s magnum opus, the fruit of a 40-year career in Chinese medicine. But Lonny has taken the teachings of Chinese medicine and expanded its view into … Keep Reading »

07 Oct 2020 Buy Lonny's Books, General

Spirit of the Points: First hour free.

Dear Friend, Here is a link to the first hour of the Spirit of the Points class I streamed in May 2020. Here I discuss "Whats is an Acupuncture Point?" from an Integral perspective. I hope you enjoy it. The entire class will soon be available at as a 14 … Keep Reading »

12 Aug 2020 General

Protected: Spirit of the Points 2020

Dear Friend, Here is my May 2020, Spirit of the Points class available for 14 PDAs accepted by CA and the NCCAOM. Please watch these videos and then answer this multiple choice test and return to: Lonny Jarrett : [email protected] along with your birthdate, state Lic. Number and NCCAOM membership number. I … Keep Reading »

06 Jun 2020 General

Clinical Integration XXII 2021 Curriculum

Dear Friends, Here is the curriculum for my 2021 clinical Integration course. All details are at Warmly, Lonny S. Jarrett Keep Reading »

22 May 2020 General

Spirit of the Points 5/30 & 5/31 2020

Dear Student, Please download and fill out this form immediately after the class and return to: [email protected] in exchange for your PDA certificate. Warmly, Lonny Jarrett Keep Reading »

15 May 2020 General

Response to Judy Worsley on “CF”

Judy Worsely: Response to Article on “CF” I read with interest Judy Worsley’s dissertation on “CF” and have several observations and questions. I’ll address two points that she implicated regarding my own teachings and a broader philosophical issue. "CF" Vs. Constitution I. Judy affirms that “CF” is “an essential component of the ancient lineage that J.R.’s teacher’s passed … Keep Reading »

03 Feb 2020 General

Protected: Philly: Spirit of the Points 2019

Hi Friends, As promised, Here's the audio from our class. It was great spending time with you and I appreciated the engagement. Accessing the audio signifies your understanding that it is meant only for class participants and is not to e shared or posted elsewhere. Lonny's Classes: Warm Regards, Lonny Jarrett Keep Reading »

06 Nov 2019 General