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Since 1993, I have immersed myself in the practice, study and teaching of Chinese Medicine and Holistic Health. And I love my work! It’s not something that everyone can say, but I am glad that I am one who can. From 1995-2011, I worked with The Wellspring School for Healing Arts in many different capacities; serving as Boise Lead Amma Therapy Instructor, Wholistic Nutrition Instructor, promotions lead and administrator. I maintain my full-time private therapy practice in Chinese Medicine, Amma Therapy and Holistic Nutrition at Pulse Holistic Health with other like-minded therapists. I enjoy working with a varied clientele, from young to old, treating serious disharmonies to health maintenance. Having other practitioners to work with on a daily basis allows us to provide more for our clients, to support each other with our own unique skills, and to maintain healthy practices on all levels. Teaching is one of my true passions and I offer classes to the general public and advanced techniques for therapists. With each new group or class there are new faces, new challenges, new ideas and deeper levels of knowledge to be gained. It is amazing to see students not merely learn techniques, but more importantly embrace a holistic lifestyle and evolve their own lives. Recognizing that self-improvement is fundamental to being able to serve others as a healthcare provider, continuing education is important to me. I believe that Chinese Medicine and holistic healthcare are excellent avenues for wellbeing and the evolution of consciousness on the planet. I also believe that life changes present opportunities–I look forward to exploring them.


evolution, holistic nutrition, amma therapy, chinese medicine, swimming, running, martial arts, literature, poetry...it goes on

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