Deepening Perspectives on Chinese Medicine: ENDORSEMENTS

30 Dec 2020 General

Deepening Perspectives takes the reader on a voyage of discovery through time
and space accompanied by one of Chinese medicine’s most brilliant and visionary
practitioners. This is not a book to be read at one go but rather lived with over a
lifetime. I found myself inspired by the spiritual insights, reveling in the soul
wisdom, absorbing the clinical expertise, and arguing enthusiastically with some of
the concepts while ever grateful for the decades of work, tireless dedication, and
clarity of intention that Jarrett has brought to this project. In recognizing the
potential of traditional Chinese medicine to support humanity in moving into a new,
more integrated consciousness, Jarrett has truly written a manifesto of healing for
our time.

—Lorie Eve Dechar, author of Five Spirits, The Alchemy of Inner Work, and Kigo:
Exploring the Spiritual Essence of Acupuncture Points Through the Changing

My long association with Lonny Jarrett over the course of many years has afforded
me some of the most satisfying discussions concerning Chinese medicine that I
have had with anyone. I am grateful for his writing and teaching his thoughts to the
world, especially those about “becoming” that he describes as an act rather than
solely as a “process.” Lonny Jarrett is fashioning a brilliant paradigm built around
an awareness of one’s freedom to choose (for what is higher) instantly through the
intention to virtue. Lonny’s overarching dedication to improving the human
condition was recognizable from our early conversations and seems from the
outside to have been part of a “process” reaching the form as expressed so
eloquently in this volume.

—Leon Hammer, MD, author of Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies

In this book, we have the considered thoughts of a senior practitioner whose
writing explores the depths of the psyche, soul, spirit, and clinical life. At moments
self-reflective and others expository, Lonny Jarrett weaves the bounds of integral
thought, deep traditions of Chinese medicine, and the domains of developmental
and transpersonal psychology. He has successfully transgressed both cultural and
temporal bounds to provide a scholarly work that is rooted in the traditions but also
creative, informative, and will mark a place in the development of medicine and

—William Morris, PhD, author of Neoclassical Pulse Diagnosis

Lonny Jarrett’s Deepening Perspectives on Chinese Medicine is an extremely important book and marks something of a historic first. It takes the incredible contributions of Chinese Medicine and presents them in an up-to-date and modern perspective, making them available to today’s healthcare professionals. It does this while also presenting the essential Ideas in light of Integral Theory, a highly respected approach to an integrated or holistic framework. I highly recommend this book for any serious healthcare provider in today’s world.

—Ken Wilber, The Integral Vision