Lonny Jarrett: AAMA Power Point

Lonny Jarrett: Address to the AAMA 4/12

This is the opening address I gave to the AAMA on 4.27.12 on the evolution from integrative to integral medicine. I was thrilled to receive a standing ovation and it set a tone of good will for the weekend. It is my opinion that we should bring down the walls between physicians, physician acupuncturists, and … Keep Reading »

28 Apr 2012 Audio Teachings


These two pictures are of Linda, Nourishing Destiny, P. 275. I took these in April 2012, about 14 years since I wrote that case study. I hadn't seen her since then but she's come back for a few treatments recently. She is dieing having been diagnosed with Colon cancer with metastasis to the reproductive organs. … Keep Reading »

19 Apr 2012 Constitution Gallery

Constitution Gallery

Here I'll post pictures of features that exemplify specific constitutons. Keep Reading »

19 Apr 2012 Constitution Gallery

CI-XII Conference Call

Unfortunately, the battery ran out after 40 minutes! Keep Reading »

04 Feb 2012 Audio Teachings

Core Values Governing the Use of this Site

These are the values the Nourishing Destiny site is founded upon. Please familiarize yourself with them. Core Values NourshingDestiny.com is a place for students and practitioners of Chinese medicine to join in respectful dialog and inquiry together. We … Keep Reading »

10 Oct 2011 Terms of Use and Site Values

Chinese Medicine in the 21’st Century: Integral and Evolutionary Perspectives

In this article I consider integral and evolutionary perspectives on the cultural context in which CM is practiced in the 21'st century. Enjoy! Keep Reading »

02 Jun 2011 General

Acupuncture Point Cards: Kathryn Nemirovsky

SPIRIT OF THE POINTS cards© a visual learning tool for students of Chinese medicine By Kathryn Nemirovsky The following cards are to help students learn the "spirit of the points" as laid out in my text, The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine. Kathryn has done a beautiful job pairing my point translations and … Keep Reading »

22 Mar 2011 The Arts

Tongue Gallery

This is a gallery of Tongue Pictures to assist in diagnosis and for the enhancement of case studies presented on this site 1. I wrote in an extensive presentation of this case in: Contemporary Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture,  Churchill Livingston. Philidelphia, 2002. This young women came in with "chronic fatigue". She had to … Keep Reading »

10 Mar 2011 Tongue Gallery

The 5 Elements: Honing Diagnostic Skills-5 Weekend Class in Seattle-Fall 2011

This class will focus on the critical skills of understanding the constitutional types and being able to identify them by color, sound, odor, and emotion. Emphasis will be placed on class exercises to develop confidence in patient interactions and how symptoms and pattern differentiations are integrated with the five element constitution. … Keep Reading »

27 Feb 2011 Study with Lonny Jarrett