Pacific Symposium 11.8.08 Lecture to General Assembly

This is the one hour lecture I gave to the general assembly in San Diego on 11.8.08. Enjoy. Hot off the Presses! Keep Reading »

08 Nov 2008 Audio Teachings

The Primacy of Spirit in Hebrew

The Primacy of Spirit , Published in the British Acupuncture Society Journal and translated into Hebrew for our friends in Israel. Please open the attached file! Keep Reading »

02 Nov 2008 Articles by Lonny

The Five Tenets and the Liberation of the Elements

What each element brings to the tabAs postmodern humans conditioned by pluralistic values, we are used to looking at the One from the perspective of the many. What does it mean to look at the many from the perspective of the One? From an absolute perspective, the mind of enlightenment when looking at … Keep Reading »

31 Oct 2008 Lonny's Blog

Lonny Interviewed by Kevin Doherty

Kevin Doherty interviews Lonny on Creating a Successful Practice based on Depth and Meaning. A few small audio gaps due to problems with the conference call recording service but the overall quality is good. Keep Reading »

26 Oct 2008 Audio Teachings

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20 Oct 2008 Buy Lonny's Books

A declaration! 5.30.08

The End of Process Oriented Therapy.   I am declaring today, 5.30.08, to mark the official death of humanistic, process oriented, psycho-emotional healing for all those who have reached a world-centric level of development. And thus we have the birth of a new medicine for a new humanity stepping forward from here...... This just in! A … Keep Reading »

29 Sep 2008 Lonny's Blog