Tongue Gallery

10 Mar 2011 Tongue Gallery

This is a gallery of Tongue Pictures to assist in diagnosis and for the enhancement of case studies presented on this site

1. I wrote in an extensive presentation of this case in: Contemporary Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture,  Churchill Livingston. Philidelphia, 2002. This young women came in with “chronic fatigue”. She had to drop out of school and could barely function. Her CM diagnosis was extreme blood deficiency. After one year of acupuncture and herbs she was able to enroll and finish school and remains healthy to this day. Notice the difference between the before and after shots. A nice shade of pink has returned to the body of the tongue and there is only a hint of white left.

Her constitution is earth and her diagnosis is spleen blood deficiency. I did a lot of moxa on CV-8 and worked on chongmo.Herbs perscribed included:

a.  Dang gui bu xue tang

b.  Gui Pi Tang

c. Wuji paifeng wan